Montgomery General Practice – Your Test Results Policy

Your Test Results Policy

Scheduling your results and booking follow up appointments.

From time to time your GP will schedule blood tests, imaging tests (such as X-Ray’s) and specialist service appointments. After you attend these services results will be sent by fax or mail to Montgomery General Practice. Our administration will forward all results to the GP who scheduled the investigations. The GP will then check the investigations reports and determine a course of action which will be most suitable for your treatment.

Patients may contact the practice to confirm if the practice has received the results. It is practice policy that specific nature of investigation results are not discussed over the phone or sent by email. If interested in obtaining their results patients should book an appointment with their GP.

Results recall list.

After review of incoming correspondence your GP will evaluate the need for you to attend the practice for a follow up appointment. This need is based on clinical requirements derived from your results or treatment received outside the practice. If required your GP will place your name on the recall list and you will be contacted by a member of the administration team who will advice that the doctor advised you to attend the practice for further treatment or consultation. You may book an appointment at this time.

Results requiring specific attention.

In events where the investigation results or correspondence is clinically significant the doctor will attempt to contact you personally to discuss the best treatment options.

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