Montgomery General Practice – Sydney bulk bill GP

Montgomery General Practice: Sydney Bulk Billing GP

Montgomery General Practice has a male and female Sydney bulk billing GP. We are located at Shop 2, 59 Montgomery Street Kogarah NSW. Our practice is in very close proximity to St George Public and Private Hospitals and the Kogarah medical precinct. Our Sydney bulk billing GP maintain excellent professional relationships with Kogarah and Sydney wide specialists and investigation providers thus ensuring quality health care for our patients across multiple disciplines. Our Sydney bulk billing GP work in conjunction with our administration and allied health care team to provide quality and affordable health care including areas of Men’s Health Women’s Health and Children’s health. As per our bulk billing policy below, we are able to bulk bill patients in most instances.

Our Sydney bulk billing GP is able to concentrate on Men’s Health issues, such as, chronic disease management and associated investigations, mental health care and muscle skeletal disorders as well as prostate cancer investigations.  Our Sydney bulk billing GP is also able to investigate Women’s Health issues such as PAP testing, pregnancy management and follow up and referral to breast cancer screening. Sydney bulk GPs treat children under Medicare for procedures associated with immunization and blue book management as well as provide child care certificate and are able to provide treatments to lacerations or minor procedures such as ingrown toe nails in our equipped treatment room. Our Sydney bulk billing GP and Montgomery General Practice staff members and Allied Health welcome all new patients to our practice located at Shop 2, Montgomery Street Kogarah

Sydney Bulk Billing GP Dr Dmitri TcherkasDr Dmitri Tcherkas (Practice Principle) has over 18 years experience as a GP in Australia, 12 years in Sydney. He has interests in chest medicine and management of cardio-respiratory disorders. Dr Tcherkas has vast experience in rural and remote General Practice in Australia as well as experience cardio surgery in Australia and Russia. 

In his spare time Dr Dmitri Tcherkas likes to be involved IT projects for the benefit of Australian General Practice and is a keen tennis player. He has also held his pilots license for a single engine aircraft. 

Dr Dmitri Tcherkas consults by appointment at Montgomery General Practice, Shop 2, 59 Montgomery St Kogarah. Please call 02 9587 0011 for an appointment. Dr Dmitri Tcherkas practices 5 days per week. His current roster is Mondays 2pm to 6.00pm; Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 8.30am to 6.00pm; Thursdays 11.00am to 6.00pm.

 Men’s Health & Procedures

 Women’s Health & Testing

 Children’s GP & Immunisations

 Ingrown Toe Nail Clinic

Montgomery General Practice - Sydney Bulk Billing GP: Shop 2, 59 Montgomery St Kogarah NSW 2217

Call us on 02 9587 0011 for an appointment.

Montgomery General Practice Bulk Billing and Fees Policy

Medicare Card Holders

Patients who have a valid Medicare card will be bulk billed by our Sydney bulk billing GP for all procedures. Please note that medical consumables required for some procedures and medical report services will incur additional fees.


Patients who attend the practice for Workcover related services are charged AMA issued Workcover rates.

On the first work cover appointment the patient has two options:

1)      They must refer practice staff to their employer who will confirm employer liability for fees associated with the patient’s treatment. The practice will then issue an invoice directed at the employer who will liaise with their insurance provider and the practice and facilitate the payment of future fees associated with the case.

2)      They may commence work cover treatment and pay for their first appointment and subsequent appointments until the practice is provided an alternative source of invoicing (either the employer or insurance company).

Other Patients

Under this policy Other Patients are those patients that do not fit the parameters of Medicare card holders, OSHC covered students or Workcover patients. Other patients are required to settle outstanding fees on completion of their appointment. The following fee schedules are provided:

  • Short consultation less than 5 minutes $30  
  • Medium consultation more than 5 minutes but less than 20 minutes $70
  • Long consultation more than 20 minutes but less than 40 minutes $115
  • Prolonged consultation more than 40 minutes $150

* Doctor will inform the patient if other charges are required due to extra ordinary procedures.

Services Incurring Additional Fees

Medical Procedures Involving Consumables

The practice will charge individual patients for consumable items that are utilised during procedures. The following table outlines consumable prices associated with various procedures.

Consumables for short procedure (no local anaesthetic)                                                    $25.00

Consumables for medium procedure (no local anaesthetic)                                              $40.00

Consumables for long procedure (no local anaesthetic)                                                     $55.00

Consumables of short procedure (with local anaesthetic)                                                  $70.00

Consumables of short procedure (with local anaesthetic)                                                  $85.00

Consumables of long procedure (with local anaesthetic)                                                   $100.00

Please note that requirements for consumable items may vary from procedure to procedure thus the above fees may serve as an indication only. Patients will be notified prior to their procedure about the costs of consumable items.

Patients reserve their right not to commence procedures after being notified of additional fees or if they do not intend on settling their accounts on the day of their appointment.

Medical Report Services

The practice offers services which assist patients with the following matters:

  • Housing commission applications and correspondence including supporting documentation.
  • DSP applications and correspondence including supporting documentation.
  • Insurance applications and reports (income protection insurance, total & permanent disability, motor vehicle accident).
  • Incident reports.
  • Support letters and reports of any type such as those to banks, government departments, court and tribunal hearings.
  • RTA related applications including driving licence (private and professional) and disability parking applications.
  • Any other matter which is not stated above however resemble similar workloads and processes.

Fees will be determined by the nature of the workload that will be required to complete these services. A service fee will be required to be paid on the date of the initial request. The doctor will quote on work load which will fall under the following fee structure:

Short workload:            $90

Medium workload:      $150

Long workload:             $210

The reports will be completed within 7 days of request.

Doctors Discretion & Financial Hardship

The practice acknowledges that financial hardship may prevent patients from settling their accounts. The doctor may utilise their discretion to modify fees in relation to financial hardship. Any matters of financial hardship need to be presented prior to a fee incurring service being performed and consent needs to be given by the doctor.

The doctor and practice reserve the right to modify fees disclosed above or add additional fees. Any such modification will be disclosed to the patient prior to the service being performed.

Allied Health Services

The allied health team & other consultants run separate fee structures from GP services. Montgomery general practice provides access to the following allied health and health care providers on premises:

  • Psychologist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Consultant Pharmacist
  • Naturopath

Allied health fees vary from service to service. Fees will be disclose prior to your first visit.