Montgomery General Practice – Appointment Policy

Montgomery General Practice: Appointment Policy


Patients are encouraged to ring the practice to make an appointment.

The individual preference, of our General Practitioners or other health care providers is accommodated and members of the clinical team are consulted about the length and scheduling of appointments.

Patients can request to see their preferred doctor or member of the health team.

The length of clinical consultations will vary according to individual patients needs. Our aim is to provide enough time for adequate communication between patients and their doctors to facilitate preventative care, effective record keeping and patient satisfaction. Patients are encouraged to ask for a longer appointment if they think it is necessary.

Staff members are trained to have the skills and knowledge to assist patients in determining the most appropriate length and timing of consultations and to recognise and act accordingly for patients with urgent medical matters.

Where possible information is provided in advance about the cost of healthcare and the potential for out of pocket expenses.

We endeavour to respect patients cultural background and where possible meet their needs including providing privacy for patients and others in distress.

After hours arrangements:

The practice provides after hours care for patients through the Sydney Medical Service Co-Operative Limited.

Please phone 8724 6300 after hours GP or 000 for emergencies.

Home Visits:

Doctors and other practice staff make visits to regular patients of our practice where it is safe and reasonable. These visits may be to patients in their homes, residential aged care facility, residential care facility, or hospital both within and outside normal opening hours where such visits are deemed safe, and where the patients are acutely ill, immobile and elderly or have no means of transport to the practice.

All patients are made aware that home visits or a suitable care alternative, are available both within and outside normal opening hours.

Regular patients who meet the eligibility criteria are offered home visits.

For regular patients whose circumstances are deemed not safe and reasonable, eg the patient is located too far away for a home or other visit, the practice ensures that there is an alternate system of care that these patients can access.

There are arrangements to exchange clinical details about patient care for doctors who perform home and other visits on behalf of the patient’s regular doctor and the care provided is documented in the patient’s medical records.

Home and other visits are provided by appropriately qualified health professionals who have received information and advice about safety and security when conducting home visits.

Any anticipated costs associated with home visits or alternative care systems are discussed with the patient.

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